So, first things first; how are you? I know, I’m sorry, I never write. But we’re all busy, we’ve all got stuff going on. For example, only yesterday I thought I’d make a cup of tea but then at the last minute, I decided to have a coffee instead; see, ‘stuff going on’. Basically though, we’re all just shuffling forwards, waiting to die. Some may be shuffling a little livelier; perhaps they’re in nicer shoes or maybe Aunt Chlamydia has just died and left them the abattoir. Some however, will be barely shuffling at all. Their lingering mope suggests all is not well and it may not be long before their forward motion ceases all together. And some are shuffling backwards; I have no idea what they’re doing.
Not entirely relevant to this in any way is that I had the transplant. Things seem to be going OK, although I’m always reluctant to get overly optimistic because I’m a miserable bastard. However, at this point in time my previous amble, a Creatinine soused march of the sick, has been replaced with a regular persons shuffle towards death. High Five. ‘Thankfully’ I still have to go to hospital for clinic check-ups, blood tests, drugs and to steal disposable blue gloves, so I can continue to report back on the many reasons why you should be trying really hard not to get sick and doing your best to avoid spending any time in a decaying, sprawling building with flickering lights, that smells of cabbage and an odd sweet aroma I could never put my finger on.
Over the last 12 months, I continued to observe and note my experiences in the form of a miss-pelt, rambling diary, peppered with gibberish that seemed clever at the time thanks to the high doses of IV Morphine. But instead of boring anyone who might still be here (hello?) with the operation details now, I’ll go back to the time prior to the work-up and post on the preparation, the procedure and the recovery in an entirely artificial real-time sort of way. If it helps, it still feels like only yesterday for me and my sister Victoria. Tragically, Victoria isn’t here any more; she went back home to Bath and is doing really well. Thanks Sis.

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  1. I’m fine – thank you for asking. I am slowly recovering from osteomalacia (Beginnngs of Adult Rickets).
    Good to hear you are still alive following Victoria’s very generous donation. She was very brave and must be somewhat fond of you . .

    • I know, right?! The transplant nurses even gave her the chance to opt out with a pretend ‘poor-match’ result for a type test – sneaky bastards – and she STILL went through with it. Sorry to hear you’re crook; guessing you might be on big doses of VitD with that…although I’m no doctor (although I did pretend to be one once; it didn’t work out so well for the patient).

  2. carelesscarer says:

    Yes large doses of VitD. I had malignant melanoma 1979 so Slather on Factor 25 when in sunshine since then. Also undertaking physio exercises & manipulation to strengthen aged wasted muscles . . . I am a work in progress . . . 👍😉

  3. says:

    Funny, just thought I hadn’t seen anything from you in ages. Then here you are.

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  4. Mrs B. says:

    I’m doing ok, thanks. Well then, about time you got in touch, I’ve been wondering how things are with you, so thanks for letting me know at last. Good news about the transplant, that you and your sister are doing well, she’s quite a girl. Hope it won’t be too long before we hear from you again.

    • Thanks. I’m planning a more organised approach to posting but it’ll be a challenge – my personality is to put things off until tomorrow and then ideally forget about them all together.

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