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My dear friend Andi Reiss has generously offered to add some much needed visual appeal to this blog, in the way of cartoons. Andi is an all-round talented chap with credits for Producing, Writing, Directing, Filming and Drawing to name a few; I’ve no doubt that one day he’ll add ‘Donating’ to that list but for now, I’m happy with the cartoons.

Have a look at http://andireiss.wordpress.com/yellowmediaentertainment/ to see what I’m talking about…

5 thoughts on “I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET

  1. Mrs B. says:

    Looking forward to seeing Andi’s work and hearing about your week. Hope it went ok.

  2. Miss H says:

    How are things going? Missing your posts.

    • Sorry for delayed reply but thanks for asking. Downhill is the current direction things are going but that was to be expected. I may now need dialysis before the transplant but that all depends on my sister’s work-up and whether that’s going to go ahead ok. I’m going to be trying to post more updates but hospital 3G is patchy and there’s no free wireless! It’s not as if they have anything more important to spend their money on…

  3. Miss H says:

    My dad was on dialysis before he had a transplant, he always said that he was dreading going on dialysis, but felt much better after starting. I guess it also makes your body stronger and ready for the transplant.

    All the best.

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